The fees listed below are to be used as a guide. We do not charge more than the quoted price (which is gst inclusive), but may exercise our discretion as to whether to charge full fee in each and every instance.

Except where an account fee of $55.00 is applied on invoice, accounts not paid by the due date noted on the invoice will attract an overdue interest charge of 12% per annum charged monthly in arrears.

INCOME TAX RETURN SCHEDULES (including but not limited to)

Rental property }                                                       

Capital Gains Tax }                                                     

Business Income }                                                                   $154.00 ea

Other Schedule}

Tax Reconciliation Statement}


  • Fee is for preparation of the schedule only. It does not include costs of analysis, collation or processing of information contained in source documentation, nor the calculation of tax effect of transactions, which will be charged separately.




Company }                                                                               $330.00 ea

Trust }

Superannuation Fund }

  • Set fee does not include data processing from source documentation, preparation and reconciliation of ledger accounts, tax planning, or costs of calculation of your income tax liability.

  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds are subject to independent audit. Audit fees are payable directly to the auditor.

BAS/IAS                                                       $330.00 ea

  • Set fee does not include data processing from source documentation, preparation and reconciliation of ledger accounts, or costs of calculation of your GST/PAYG liability, which will be charged on a fee-for-time basis




Consultation                                                                          $286.00

ABN Application                                                                   $330.00
Business Name Registration                                                $330.00

PAYG Variation                                                                      $330.00

Corporate Register annual maintenance fee                     $330.00

Corporate Register amendments (each)                            $330.00

Account fee                                                                           $55.00



Per kilometre                                                                        78 cents*

*We are required to pay employees an allowance for the costs of the use of their own vehicle when traveling to your premises. In addition, we are required to pay employees for the time spent traveling to your premises, which will be charged to you at the minimum fee-for-time rate for that employee.


FEE FOR TIME SERVICES (per hour) (excludes GST)

We maintain comprehensive time-costing systems. The fee charged per activity that is not an agreed fee activity as listed above, depends upon a matrix of the qualification and seniority of the employee performing an activity, the complexity of the activity being undertaken, and the time taken to perform the activity. Indicative hourly rates are as follows :-

                Principal                                min $200.00         max $400.00

                Senior Accountant               min $150.00         max $300.00

                Junior Accountant               min $100.00         max $200.00

                Trainee Accountant             min $75.00            max $150.00

                Book-keeper                        min $50.00            max $100.00

                Senior Administration         min $50.00            max $100.00

                Junior Administration         min $30.00            max $60.00

We will negotiate a fixed annual fee for existing business clients